Watch Jimmy Kimmel Sell Peoples’ Old Phones Back to Them

Late night top dog, Jimmy Kimmel, has certainly made pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims a staple of his 13-year-long talk show. He’s gotten people to unplug their TV’s during crucial parts of the Super Bowl (which, surprisingly, didn’t get anyone killed), and parents to trick their kids into thinking all of their Halloween candy had been eaten. However, the prank segment just as legendary as the primer, has to be when Kimmel’s team takes advantage of the gullibility of your typical, street-walking civilian. He’s done this in a multitude of ways, from telling them fake facts during “Lie Witness”, to giving them old products packaged in new wrapping.

With all the hype around the iPhone 7, Kimmel thought it’d be a perfect time to see if people could really tell the difference between the brand new piece of technology and the old phone currently in their pocket. Once out on the streets of LA, Kimmel’s team took the iPhones of various volunteers, cleaned them up, switched out the case, and told the participants that their old phone was the currently unreleased iPhone 7. And to our surprise, a lot of people really thought they were actually using a brand new product. Watch a classic case of The Placebo Effect unfold, as participants think their old phone, that they’ve owned for at least a year at this point, feels “thinner”, “lighter”, and “faster”, just like a brand new device should. It really makes us wonder how much “innovation” Apple really does with new products, and how much of that change is really just in the common consumer’s head. Watch below!

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