What Does Stone Island and Coors Beer Have in Common?

You know how Coors has those beer cans where the mountains transition from grey to blue once the beer has reached “optimum coldness?” Remember thinking to yourself, “damn, I need my clothes to do that during the winter months,” or “Damn, I need my phone to tell me when I’m being too cold as I’m roasting my friends in the group chat.” Well luckily, Stone Island Apparel has now given you an answer to one of those eternal woes. Their newest Multi-Layer Ice Jacket from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection is not only going to keep you warm, but it’s also going let you know just how good of a job its doing by using a little bit of color. The jackets base color of green will slowly progress to an iron-grey the colder the outside temperature gets. It does this by way of microencapsulated pigments in the jacket’s base nylon fabric, which reacts to the degree of warmth in the air. The coat also features all your ice jacket essentials, with drawstrings for tightening, Velcro flaps over the zipper areas, and flap pockets for quick access. Copping this forward-thinking winter coat is going to run you about $2300 on HAVEN, so starts saving up during what’s left of Summer ‘16 so you’re not left out in the cold come winter time.

Normal state of the jacket at warmer temperatures


Jacket transitioning from warm to cold


When the jacket is cold-activated

All images courtesy of Stone Island

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