Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Next Two Sneaker Cons

You know here at Royal Blue we love sneakers almost as much as we love clothes, meaning our delivery of sneakerhead news certainly would not be complete without mentioning one of the biggest shoe conventions in the world, Sneaker Con. Sneaker Con, as you could probably guess, is a national convention dedicated to the art that is sneaker crafting and sneaker collecting. The multi-stop event saw some mighty big guns for its Atlanta installment, as we got a taste of everything great about basketball shoes, from unreleased Yeezys, ultra rare Jordans, custom-made Nikes, and even sneakers made out of toys. 

We’ve never seen a pair of dirty sneakers look so damn clean. What a sick design.


A Jordan made of Legos. Now we’ve seen it all.


If you can still find a pair of Yeezy Red Octobers this fresh, props to you.


Some sneakerheads trade and sell on the showroom floor.


100,000 pairs of kicks under one roof! Sneaker Con Atlanta! Cobb Galleria Center - 12-7PM - tix sneakercon.com

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The event claims there were over 100,000 pairs of kicks in the building during the 1-day event (we want all of ‘em).


Next stop: Sneaker Con DC/DMV Oct 15th - Gaylord National Convention Center - tix sneakercon.com and at the event!

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Even DJ Khaled would give the nod of approval to this lineup.



Sneaker Con Hoops Classic live on Facebook.com/sneakercon

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And what kind of athletic shoe convention would Sneaker Con be without some basketball?

Sneaker Con isn’t the only event of its kind, as our neighbors across the pond in Europe have their very own sneaker event, “Sneakerness”, which travels to Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, Warsaw, and Cologne throughout the summer and fall. If you missed the Atlanta edition of Sneaker Con, you can still catch the Washington DC stop going down on October 15th, or go to the NYC event on November 5th and 6th. Make sure and grab your tickets here!


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