Will You Love Virtual Reality as Much as Conan?

2016’s been a crazy year with lots of change and big developments; but surely, one of the biggest jumps made this year has to be the tech world’s step into at-home virtual reality gaming. Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft are all pushing to be the first pioneers to produce a fun and natural VR product, believing it will be the future of casual gaming (and porn, if we’re just being honest here). Now that the Oculus Rift, PSVR, and Samsung’s Gear VR have all dropped and have a few neat games for them, late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien decided to try out the most expensive one, the HTC Vive.

O’Brien begins his test run in hilarious fashion, stating right away that the potential for VR-friendly porn is huge (as he draws a portrait of himself among the stars). He then goes on to simulate his everyday life in an office and even what it’s like to be a professional boxer. One thing you’ll notice, however, is Conan’s extremely funny complaints about the texture design of people in the boxing demo. This brings up the point that while VR is certainly around and here to stay, some are saying the playability and quality of all the games aren’t quite up to par yet to justify such a steep price tag. Will you be cashing in a pretty penny for the $800 Vive, $600 Oculus Rift, or the $400 PSVR? Let Late Night’s best funnyman help you decide.

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