You Won't Believe What BAPE Just Released (No, It's Not Clothing)

When you think about it, in the 21st century, no one really knows what things mean anymore. Was Harambe a tough animal rights situation turned into an internet meme, or was he a martyr to the modern generation? Is Donald Trump a reality TV star that spray tans too much, or is he a political savant that won the presidency with the most unconventional methods ever? Tyler, The Creator is a rapper who designs clothes, Childish Gambino is an actor who raps. The concepts of boundaries is disappearing quicker than the ozone layer and LeBron’s hairline. BAPE’s reckless abandon of the concept that they’re just an apparel company is something that’s been documented lightly. They did collaborate with Sony to make a smartwatch after all, but at least wearable tech is still somewhat more in the fashion realm than their newest product on the market, a Transformers action figure.

Following in the footsteps of Supreme’s brick, Bathing Ape will be releasing its own spin on the iconic Optimus Prime Transformers action figure. The BAPE'd out bot will feature black camouflage accents, akin to BAPE apparel pieces, and will bear the Bathing Ape head logo on Optimus’s shoulder pad. The exclusive collaboration toy, which is only sold to the winners of a special raffle, is priced at about $150. Do you think you’ll want to drop that kind of cash to have this extremely rare toy? If you’re not willing to drop at least a grand on this bad boy online, head to Japan and go to the BAPE store in either Shibuya or Harajuku to be entered to win on January 2nd (cheap flights, anyone?).

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