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Tricot Pants w/ Revisable Two-Tone Sequins

Tricot Pants w/ Revisable Two-Tone Sequins

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Product Description:

  • Illuminate your style with the captivating two-tone sequin detailing.
  • Stay functional with two front pockets and a convenient right back pocket.
  • Enjoy versatility with a hidden quarter zipper for customizable leg opening.
  • Experience glamour with sequin stripes adorning the sides.

Introducing our Tricot Pants w/ Revisable Two-Tone Sequins, a dazzling addition to your wardrobe. These pants not only provide a chic and glamorous look with their two-tone sequin detailing but also offer practicality with multiple pockets. The hidden quarter zipper adds a touch of versatility, allowing you to personalize your leg opening style. Available in various color variants, these pants are a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort for any occasion.

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